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Archer Smith, Supply Chain Associate — Stimulus, Inc.

If you have paid attention to Stimulus on social media in the past few weeks, you may have noticed our poll showing that after price, recommendations are the key element to supplier choice by an overwhelming margin. Despite all the changes in procurement in recent years, the value of a good business network remains unparalleled, but this becomes a problem for companies that want to bring on diverse suppliers. Minority-owned businesses (MBE’s) provide the same quality of service but have less access to the important business relationships that are so favored when…

Supply + Demand: The Real Cost of Doing Business (Event Series)

A series of events designed to help founders of CPG companies navigate supply chain issues, discuss industry trends and optimize sustainability in their supply chain.

One of the most crucial elements to successfully scaling a startup is having a handle on your supply chain. Failing to cultivate an understanding of supply chain is a common reason founders are unable to bring their product to market at scale.

Through first-hand experiences and industry-specific insights of experienced founders, we plan to help our audience better strategize around how to get their…

My name is Neeharika Damera and I am the Senior Product Manager at Stimulus. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and my role at the company. I have 12+ years of experience guiding teams to deliver innovative technology products from conception to launch across different industries and organizations of different sizes. I have an Engineering degree and an MBA.

I joined Stimulus at the onset of the pandemic last year. At Stimulus, I am responsible for product strategy, engineering management, and customer success for the Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Product (SRIP). I serve as a bridge between…

By Tiffanie Stanard, Founder/CEO — Stimulus, Inc.

Remember the first time you applied for a job? Maybe you didn’t get hired because you lacked experience. But you can’t get experience if you don’t get hired.

The same paradox is true for vendors and suppliers. Without experience, there’s little chance to work with big companies.

Stimulus believes that the future belongs to business leaders who partner with vendors and suppliers that offer diversity in background, thoughts, leadership, customers, and more, which would uplift economies and change lives. …

Plus our plans to become the Go-To Solution to help companies make better purchasing decisions!

The Stimulus, Inc. Team and some of our amazing investors during our Dec. 2020 Company Retreat!

By Tiffanie Stanard, Founder/CEO — Stimulus, Inc.

Like most people, my vision for 2020 was vastly different from the outcome.

No one predicted that a global pandemic would fundamentally change daily life. While we all adjusted to wearing masks (kind of lol), using double the hand sanitizer, and working virtually — COVID-19 was disrupting global supply chains too. Vendors struggled to meet demand, leaving companies small and large unable to serve customers at full capacity. Manufacturing stalled. Deliveries were late. Services slowed. …

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The holiday season has always been stressful on supply chains, but that stress has for the most part been predictable — increased retail visitors, higher demand for consumer goods, larger crowds in airports, and spikes in purchases of unusual products like Christmas trees are all par for the course. But 2020 has shown us that nothing can be taken for granted this year, and businesses should be prepared to extend that logic to the holidays. Here are three predictions from Stimulus about what to expect from this unusual, pandemic-beset holiday season:

1) Its going to be a long one

We’ve all heard the complaints — or made them…

Archer Smith, Supply Chain Associate at Stimulus, Inc.

If you are like me, you have rarely put any thought into your employer’s buying process. When you were at the workplace you printed documents on company-owned paper, sat in an office with company-provided furnishings, which were cleaned by a company-selected contractor. These days you might be working from home on a company laptop. But, like me, you probably hadn’t considered that each of these items or services was the result of highly intentional purchasing processes. That specific laptop model on your desk, for example, was chosen from dozens or hundreds of…

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What are your daily supplies? What are the items that you use every day — the food, clothing, furniture, pens, transportation, utensils, or other possessions that enable you to live and work? Chances are, those items were produced and provided to you by private companies, placed on store shelves in your neighborhood for you to purchase or on websites to be shipped to your door. But you might not know how much work goes into creating even the most basic products, and the scale of connection required behind each of your daily supplies. …

We are a diverse team of black, white, immigrants, young, seasoned, women, men —and we stand with our community in supporting the need to speak up, out and with actionable plans to change the injustice in this world. The story of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are not new, the videos are not new, the hurt and outrage in the community is not new — the only difference right now is everyone is home during the COVID-19 pandemic, so more than ever people are paying attention.

We hope these protests continue (peacefully if possible) … We…

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2020 is turning out to be a challenging year for startups. Many are trimming staff, and even so might still run out of money by October. With the rapidly developing situation it has been difficult to stay informed of developments, particularly when it comes to the availability of the venture capital needed to sustain startup development. There has been a lot of conjecture on the viability of startups in an unstable year, even Stimulus added our opinion to the conversation recently, but relatively few answers. …

Stimulus, Inc.

Stimulus, a relationship intelligence software that helps companies build more valuable vendor and supplier relationships.

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