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Supply + Demand: The Real Cost of Doing Business (Event Series)

A series of events designed to help founders of CPG companies navigate supply chain issues, discuss industry trends and optimize sustainability in their supply chain.

One of the most crucial elements to successfully scaling a startup is having a handle on your supply chain. Failing to cultivate an understanding of supply chain is a common reason founders are unable to bring their product to market at scale.

Through first-hand experiences and industry-specific insights of experienced founders, we plan to help our audience better strategize around how to get their products into customer’s hands. The founders we will highlight are impressive and diverse women who are innovating in and disrupting traditional categories to create culturally relevant products. Their stories will not only help founders navigate supply chain issues but also serve to elevate the visibility of Black and Brown female founders who know the demand that drives their business and supply their products well.

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SUSTAINABILITY IN SUPPLY CHAIN: A discussion on the full environmental impact of supply chain and why it should be a business imperative for all companies.

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The event series is hosted by our Founder/CEO — Tiffanie Stanard.

Learn about our Speakers focused on Sustainability:

Martha Montoya, CEO — AgTools Inc.

Martha has over 28+ years of worldwide IT, telecommunications, food and agricultural, and supply chain experience. From setting up production lines across the world for telecommunications to sourcing ingredients from the Americas to Asian countries. Traveling while delivering projects beneficial for the supplier and customers in over 4 continents, Martha dealt with both small and industrial size stakeholders or suppliers, government entities, and sophisticated buyers.

Martha and her brothers, Gustavo and Oscar, have won the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Microsoft award for Agtools — a worldwide SaaS global food & agricultural financial intelligence data for the Food and AG worldwide supply chain offering trusted official data from around the world, in real-time data for farmers and buyers to manage market volatility, increase profitability, reduce the world’s food waste and CO2, SO2 footprint. With over 500 commodities, 29 years of historical data, 1.4 billion-plus data points, and over 50 years of weather patterns worldwide uploading at 1 billion transactions per second.

Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD — Founder/CEO — AmorSui

Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD, is the founder/CEO of AmorSui, a healthcare tech company that provides the most simple, cost-effective, and sustainable approach for clinics and hospitals to implement reusable and recyclable safety apparel through its first-in-class mobile application and software that tracks washing life cycle and environmental impact.

Melissa Lamarre, Founder/CEO — Mel’s Butter Blends

Mel’s Butter Blends began as one woman’s solution to an endless search for natural products to nourish her hair. Many products on the market are water-based and include a variety of chemicals and artificial ingredients that serve as fillers for the natural elements. Mel’s Butter Blends are mixes of natural butter, oils, and ingredients that are whipped into rich, healthy potions that hydrate and strengthen hair and skin. The product “Hair crack” earned its nickname by reputation, as its loyal following became addicted to the results they saw as the original butter blend provided moisture they had yet to feel. After “Mel” received several requests from friends, the demand spread, and a business was launched.

Melissa Lamarre was born into the beauty industry as the daughter of a beautician and beauty supply store owner. Mel learned about the day-to-day details of managing a beauty business and learned the sacred art of haircare. She started a handmade jewelry and fashion styling business at 15 years old. After graduating from Rutgers University, she combined her writing and marketing skills and built a public relations consultancy for entertainers and small businesses, while working full time in finance. Mel later obtained her real estate salesperson license in NY. Working in real estate eventually landed her a position as Operations Manager at a Brooklyn real estate firm. Around that time, she began making what is now known as “Hair Crack!” and creating the Mel’s Butter Blends brand.

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