Supply + Demand: Navigating Supply Chain Wins and Losses as an Entrepreneur (part 2)

Supply + Demand session featuring Kim Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of CurlMix and LaRitta Webb, Founder & CEO of The Profit Nerd
  • Do you want to make the product or outsource it? If you want to make the product, it is important to understand the whole process from production to delivery. If outsourcing is what you prefer, then finding a trustworthy supplier would be important.
  • When will you become profitable? Having a clear understanding of how much profit per unit will help in achieving profitability for your business.
  • Who are the right suppliers to work with? This depends on how complex your product is and whether or not your supplier has all the required skills and capabilities. You may need to hire someone who has expertise in that area.
  • Use data to drive business decisions: Data should always be used as an objective tool for decision-making and not just as an excuse for action. The data should be collected from reliable sources and analyzed before making any decision on what needs improving or changing about your business model.
  • Help businesses solve problems before they arise: With proper planning, you can avoid many problems such as late deliveries, overstock inventory, wrong packaging, etc., which can



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Stimulus, Inc.

Stimulus, Inc.

Stimulus, a relationship intelligence software that helps companies build more valuable vendor and supplier relationships.