‘The Great Resignation’: How Supply Chain Management can Help Pt. 1

  • Low pay (63%)
  • No opportunities for advancement (63%)
  • Feeling disrespected at work (57%)
  • Child care issues (48%)
  • A lack of flexibility to choose when they put in their hours (45%)
  • Not having good benefits such as health insurance and paid time off (43%)
  • Working too many hours (39%)
  • COVID-19 Concerns (31%)
  • 64% of Hispanics/Latinos are likely to look for a new job within the next year
  • 49% of Blacks/African-Americans are likely to look for a new job within the next year
  • 50% of Hispanics/Latinos are looking for a career change
  • 46% of Blacks/African-Americans are looking for a career change
  • An estimated 8 million Black Americans left their jobs in 2021
  • ‘Systemic glass ceilings’ are what most of these BIPOC individuals claim is the reason for their resignations
  • Over 80% of BIPOC employees have experienced microaggressions of some sort in the workplace
  • 40% of black women said their qualifications were questioned and that they regularly needed to provide more evidence of their competence
  • 34% of women and 35% of all surveyed BIPOC women reported leaving their jobs in 2021
  • 44% of women and 48% of BIPOC women do not feel their employers have been successful in narrowing the pay gap
  • 42% of women feel that women at their company are less financially empowered than men overall
  • 46% of women felt that childcare impacted their work dynamics
  • 23% of women felt that childcare has been delaying their own professional growth
  • 3 in 4 (76%) women reported feeling like they are behind schedule when it comes to financial security goals
  • nearly 7 in 10 (69%) employed, college-educated women felt they were underpaid with respect to their current value to their company
  1. Prioritizing local sources
  2. Using spend reporting when it comes to in-store displays
  3. Planning and preparing for the seasonal traffic differentiations of your business
  4. Presenting data in a user-friendly way
  5. Easing supply chain worries by sourcing as locally as possible
  6. Leveraging software to promote sustainability
  7. Utilizing the multi-tasking expertise of women for supply chain management
  • Perfect Order Rate
  • Warehouse Costs
  • Inventory-to-Sales Ratio
  • Demand Satisfaction Rate
  • Supplier Metrics
  • Online Shop Bounce Rate
  • Supply Chain Cycle Time



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